Sing. For a Better Life!

Chuck Gilmore

I was talking with an associate voice teacher and studio director of Sing Inc. in Roseville, California, Daniel Hayes.  Daniel has just opened this third studio in Elk Grove and refurbished his Roseville studio.  The new signage on his Roseville studio reads: Sing to inspire. Aspire to sing.

Sing Inc Roseville, CA Studio


What a great slogan.  I’ve long wished I had a slogan that would encapsulate in a few words what singing means to me and what I hope my studio can offer to others.

Then just a few days ago I received an email from one of my students who had dropped out of his lessons just 3 weeks previously because of the incredible pressures of being in an bio-engineering PhD program. He decided to start up again because he really needed to have this time to focus on his hobby and passion.

I shared with him how I had experienced a similiar situation years ago.  I was in the midst of a very serious business challenge which was severely taxing me financially and emotionally. The one oasis I had was a show I was in at the time.  It was Phantom, by Maury Yeston.  I was in the ensemble and was back stage listening to Christine and Eric (The Phantom) sing “You are Music“.  I was so inspired and lifted and delivered!  During those evenings in the show, I literally forgot all my troubles and was transported away to another place.  And when the evening was over, I was renewed and refreshed.  It kept me sane through an insane time in my life.

I shared this story with my student and he wrote back and he said:

Dear Chuck,

When I talked to my friends, we all agreed how important [it is] to have a good hobby in life. They reminded me that we work because we’d like to have a better life; instead we live for the work. I will see you on Feb 2 at 9 am.

Wow!  What great insight.  He was singing to have a better life.  Then I realized that is exactly what I’ve been doing these many years and why I am teaching.  To help others have a better life.

More than just a slogan, here’s my invitation to you: Sing. For a better Life!



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My personal singing journey from failure to success gives me a unique perspective and special insight into the problems you face as an aspiring singer. Everything from not being able to sing high notes to lack of confidence singing in front of others. Because I've solved them in my own voice, I know how to help you.


  1. Brad Carlson says:


    I am glad your singing business is going well.

    We have been living in Exeter, NH since January. Big change.

    Brad Carlson

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