What are Bridges in the Voice?

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What are bridges in the voice?

A potential tragedy exists for every singer, and it has to do with bridges. Do you know what it is? Inside this video you’re going to find out.

I’m Chuck Gilmore with Sing Voice Studios. A potential tragedy exists for every singer and it has to do with bridges but not the kind of bridge we drive over. It’s the bridges in the voice.

What I’m about the tell you regarding the bridges in the voice will have a life changing impact upon you with regards to your voice. Are you ready?

If you know and understand what the bridge is and have a teacher who knows and understands and can teach you, you will be able to do the following things:

First, you will understand and comprehend your true ability and potential as a singer. That is a great gift!

Second, you will be able to sing higher than you ever thought possible.

Third, you will be able to eliminate the breaks in your voice.

Fourth, you will be able to eliminate the strain and stress when you try and sing higher.

Fifth, you will be able to sing from low to high and back again with ease, beauty, and power.

What is a Vocal Bridge?

Okay, so what is a bridge? It’s the place in your voice where the sound waves vibrating in your chest on the lower notes begin to move upward into your head as the pitch ascends, and also comes back down again as the pitch descends. Sometimes it’s called a passage or passaggio.

At the same time there’s a vocal cord adjustment that occurs. And without the proper training, most of the time, we don’t know what to do with that feeling, that vocal cord adjustment that’s occurring or wants to occur in the bridge.

It feels different for each of us…. the first bridge. It may feel like it’s the top of your voice. (watch the video for a demonstration) You’re just afraid to go any higher. You feel like there’s nothing else there, you can’t do it.

Or it might even sound like this or feel like this. (watch the video for a demonstration)  [where you sing to the bridge and your voice cracks or breaks into falsetto]

Well, that’s the first bridge. The vibration is moving up into the head, the vocal cord wants to make an adjustment there. And until we really know and understand what it is and we have a teacher who can help us sing in the bridge and through the bridge we’re always going to be stuck right there.

Let me just show you now, what you would be able to do, first not being able to negotiate the bridge and then with the right teacher what you can do.

(Watch the video for the demonstration.) Now I just went through the first bridge and part way through [actually all the way through] the second bridge of my voice and it’s all because of the knowledge of the bridges.

Look For a Teacher Who Understands Vocal Bridges and can Teach You

Now, what to do about this? You must make this an absolute requirement when you’re searching for a teacher.

You must look for a teacher who understands the bridges, and who knows how to teach you to sing in them and through them, and can do that themselves as a teacher and as a singer. They’ve got to be able to demonstrate that to you.

If you have already have your free guide on how to choose a voice teacher, then I invite you to register for our free introductory singing class. We hold it every Saturday and you can register for that on my website at www.SingUtah.com.

Thank you and I’ll see you inside the next video.

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My personal singing journey from failure to success gives me a unique perspective and special insight into the problems you face as an aspiring singer. Everything from not being able to sing high notes to lack of confidence singing in front of others. Because I've solved them in my own voice, I know how to help you.


  1. Do I need any vocal training I was a singer for ten years and sang string power ballads I then lost my voice through acid reflux and confidence over the pat nine years , I stopped smoking 6 months ago and have started realising that my voice is stronger and clearer , not constantly clearing my throat and getting cut off so I join a duo , thro practice he stopped me with one song that was quite easy and said I’m singing on my bridge all the time !! I was like wtf !! But hadn’t a clue what he was on about , I’m trying to gain confidence to go back out again I just thought it was the power and breathing techniques that I needed to improve on , I’m stuck on what to do ? Help , by the way he’s not a singer .

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