How Much do Voice Lessons Cost?

How much do voice lessons cost?

Inside this video I’m going to answer that question.

Hi! I’m Chuck Gilmore with Sing Voice Studios and I’d like to talk to about how much do voice lessons cost. I’m going to give you my exact cost in just a minute. But I want to begin by telling a story.

The Thrill of Seeing your Children Succeed with their Singing Voice

My wife, Judy and I have eight children and many years ago back in 1996, in November of 1996, my oldest daughter came home and said, “Dad, on Saturday morning there’s going to be a man coming from Los Angeles. He’s the vocal coach of the stars. He teaches Michael Jackson, he teaches Stevie Wonder,  he teaches Madonna, he teaches Barbra Streisand and all these great singers. We thought, well, we’d better go. So my wife and I and my three oldest daughters we went to hear a man named Seth Riggs give a vocal workshop at our high school auditorium.

Well, it was very interesting and we had a great time and we started taking voice lessons from one of his teachers. Her name is Debra Bonner. This was 16-17 years ago. Well my oldest daughter, Deborah, had been taking voice lessons for about six months or so from another teacher and the whole time she had never lost this kind of nasally sound.

Well, within a very short time her voice markedly improved. And she was going to audition for a group at school called  “Sound Ideas”, a specialty girls group. Well it’s very competitive get into this group and so we really wanted her to succeed. So we invested quite a bit of money into voice lessons for her, and for me, and for a couple of my other girls. At the time our teacher, Debra Bonner, charged $150.00 an hour. That’s a lot of money. I know we participated in some group settings, but we were investing a lot of money. But we really wanted to help our daughter succeed.

If she made the group, then the current year kids would come and kidnap the new Sound Ideas girls and take them to a breakfast or a midnight dinner or something. Anyway they came to the door and knocked and I can’t tell you what it means to a parent to see your daughter succeed, to see your child succeed, it’s just so exciting and we were so thrilled for her to see her accomplish this goal.

The same exact thing happened to my next daughter, Sara. She was in junior high school auditioning for the junior high madrigals. When she auditioned for her madrigal group her teacher said, (this is after not very long taking voice lessons with our new teacher, Debra, who was trained by Seth Riggs), she said “what have you been doing? Your voice is markedly better! Have you been taking voice lessons, and from whom? She wanted to know all about it.

She made the madrigal group. And there is no doubt in my mind it’s because we invested in her lessons.

I can’t tell you the thrill that you feel as a parent to be able to see your child succeed in their endeavor, to do something they really want to do, to be there with their friends, to be able to perform, to be able to have that experience… her older sister had done it. And so we wanted her to be able to experience that and she did it!

And my third daughter, her voice markedly improved as well, and so the girls started singing together, doing duets together and trios and it was just a great experience for our family.

I share that with you because I can’t put a price on what it means to a parent to see their child succeed.

My Financial Investment in my Singing Voice and Teaching Skills

Now let me talk a little bit about my voice. In the last 4 1/2 years I’ve spent $16,499.00 on my voice and on piano… for me… my own personal development. Well, that’s not counting what I had done the previous 12,13,14 years.

Two weeks ago by I took a lesson from Seth Riggs. It was $300/hr. now that’s a discount because I’m one of his teachers. He charges $500 an hour for industry professionals who come to see him.

So I freely invest in my voice because of what it’s done for me. Because of the progress I’ve had I’ve had the privilege of performing in over 30 shows and many lead roles. And this is the joy of my life. And I get to teach this wonderful thing. So for me, to see my children succeed and to experience the results I have, I can’t put a price on it. For me it’s priceless…almost miraculous. You’ve heard about that in other videos or other blogs that I’ve done… That the change in my voice and the progress I’ve made is just so thrilling for me… Well for me it was worth it!

If I weren’t getting results with my voice I wouldn’t pay one cent for it!

Now here’s the point. If we weren’t getting results with our children or with my own voice, I wouldn’t pay a penny for it and I would change. I would not do it!

But we have gotten the results we wanted and especially to see our children succeed it’s so meaningful to my wife and I. So we’ve done a lot of investing in our children over the years.

And not one minute, not one second do we regret that investment in their progress, in their improvement and their success.

What do I charge right now for my voice lessons?

What do I charge right now for my voice lessons? I charge $45 for 30 minutes. If the student comes every week then they get a break… It’s $40 a lesson. Or in other words $90 an hour or $80 an hour depending. So I have two kinds of students. I’ve students who come every week and it’s $160 a month. And I have quite a few students who come twice a month and that is $90 a month.

And that is as of today, January 22, 2014. And I’ll be very frank, I imagine that in the future my prices will continue to increase.

I hope that that’s helpful for you. I hope that you’ve had similar experiences in your family and in your own life where you’ve invested in you and in your skills and development and then you’ve seen the results. That’s what I provide for you in your voice lessons.

I love teaching, I love singing and I love sharing it with you. Thanks for joining me today.

Do you need help choosing a voice teacher?

Do you need help choosing a voice teacher? Take a minute and download my free guide, “How To Choose A Voice Teacher”. Inside that guide there are six things to avoid, and 10 important tips that will help you make the decision that’s best for you. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

Free Guide: How to Choose a Voice Teacher

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  1. Simone Rudd says:

    I do have another question. Is there a certain curriculum that should be followed when teaching. I am being asked to teach and there are some things I remember but want to give my best and the best to the student. This is for people at my church not professional singers.

    • Hi Simone: Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. For some reason I didn’t see the notification of your message. Anyway, I have been trained to teach in a pretty systematic way by the Speech Leveling Singing Organization. They had a great training program for teachers that has really helped me focus in on helping each student work to improve their voices for their specific vocal type. The main group of teachers has broken away from the Speech Level organization and continues teaching and training teachers. Their name is Institute for Vocal Advancement or IVA. Here is their website link: They’ve continued to train teachers and have an organization that supports the ongoing training. I’ve continued working with Speech Level Singing International and Seth Riggs directly because he is the source of the technique IVA teaches. Seth is not currently taking new teachers. However his contact information can be found at The best thing to do would be to start studying voice with him and let him know you are interested in learning to be a teacher. I’m sure there are other teaching-training organizations. I recommend IVA because their leaders were trained by Seth and they are well lead and well organized. I hope this helps.

  2. Hello Mr. Gilmore,
    So I am in an interesting situation I would say. Now, I cannot sing myself, however, my girlfriend is one hell of a singer and she has never had any lessons. I am encouraging her to audition for the voice for this upcoming 2016 year and I really want to see her do her absolute best. She definitely has the raw material, it just needs to be honed and a few things fixed I would say. This is where I hope that you may be able to give some insight possibly on a video of her singing or even do a meet with her. I truly hope that you see this post in time! The email I gave is her email, otherwise feel free to contact me at
    Thanks again for taking time to read and we hope to hear from you!

  3. It’s a travesty the prices you charge. You should be ashamed being all about the money and not wanting to help young kids succeed. You are a perfect example of what’s wrong with our world. A hollow story so that you can justify to yourself the ridiculous prices that you and the other greedy scumbags charge. I don’t know how you and the others sleep at night.

    • Hi Sheryda: Thanks for your thoughts. When I first learned this technique back in 1996, I paid $150.00 per hour for the lessons. Six months later I paid $3000.00 to be trained to teach this technique. Cumulatively through the years I’ve spent many 1000’s more. There has never been a day that I’ve regretted spending this money on something that is so meaningful to me. It has changed my singing and my life for the positive. I’m sure for many people, what I have paid is far to much. Perhaps many feel like you do that my prices are too high. Occasionally I get objections to my prices and I refer them to teachers I know who charge less. Personally I do take my responsibility to help my students very seriously. My greatest rewards for the work I do is to see my students succeed and progress.

  4. Mr Gilmore. Sir my friend has a great voice. And she sings at open mic places. But she wants to improve her voice. But can’t afford lessons. Do u have any suggestions.

    • Hi Mike: She is not alone. There are many in her same situation. Many will
      take an extra job, work hard and save money. Then take as many lessons as
      possible. That’s my advice too. It will be worth it.

  5. Jama Latham says:

    Hello my name is Jama Latham & I am a single mother with an Awesome 10 yr. Old daughter who would absolutely be so blessed to be able to be become a talented and hopefully one day become a professional singer. I hope I am not to late sending this to where it isn’t to expensive for her to receive your lessons. I just wanna be able to make her dream happen. I hope to hear back.

  6. Hello my name is Neo,I would like to take up singing lessons. I was wondering if you could help me.

  7. Muheet Bharti says:

    Hello sir, My name is Muheet and I am from India. I have been trained for an year in Opera but due to shifting to a new place i have stopped taking lessons but I am still singing. A bit about myself is that my family has been doing music since 17 generations and I am the 18th. I know Indian Classical but I also sing western music. I have just turned 18 and I struggle with high notes too much and I have voice cracking issues, I have a habit of contracting my muscles when i am going higher in my register. I don’t know if its the age issue, that my voice is changing or maybe wrong technique. I was also told by my teacher that I am a lyric Baritone, which clearly doesnt sound to me as the guy snging high notes. I am confused. I want to sing those high notes but as soon as i go above E4 or F4, my voice starts to sound so strained and thin, the richness just goes away and i cant sustain in a rich chesty tone. I can hit G4 but I break most of the times and after E4 it gets harder. C2 to F4 is my register in which I sing but I atleast want to expand it to G#4 or A4. So that i can hit those notes in a full chest voice or a rich and fuller voice and sustain it, not in a weird thin voice sounding as if I am about to die while singing it.

    • Hi Muheet: You need to go to my other online singing site, Here’s what I want you to do. Take the PowerTest (vocal Test) and get your Vocal Type.
      Go to the knowledge Center and watch the videos about your vocal type. Then download the free exercises for your vocal type and start working on those. This will help you learn to bridge into your head voice without cracking or breaking.

  8. I have been follow ur youtube video maybe around a year, i just want to said thank u for sharing your knowledge for free. Thank u for being such humble and genereous person your teaching has change my voice become more better maybe 300% better than before,
    Actualy for me to personality being ur student are like dreams come true but i cant afford 45$ for half hour which means on 1 mounth 180$. Because on my country its really high to pay 180$, but i wont give up and when i have better financial, i can come to you and being your student thats one of my dream. THANK U
    Sorry about my english
    From indonesia

    • Sani: There are many more videos on my YouTube channel Power To Sing Chuck Gilmore and my website:
      You will find a great deal of help in these places. Thanks!

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