Chuck Gilmore Auditions for LaMancha Part 1

This is an inside look at my audition for Man of LaMancha.  Part 1 reveals all the private insecurities, anticipation and excitement I experience before the audition.  Come join me in my very personal audition journey.

Getting Personal with You!

Hi …just a minute I want to share a little bit more information with you.

Hi, can I be personal for a minute? I just wanted to let you know that I am getting ready to audition for Man of LaMancha .

Now, I wanted to share this personal little blog because everybody usually… I don’t know… I think a lot of students think that the teacher has it all together and there’s never any concern or worry. And I’ll tell you my audition’s this Saturday and I’m nervous about it. Why am I nervous?  Because I really want to get cast! And yes, I want to be Don Quixote! I confess!

I’ve also played the governor-innkeeper, and that’s a fantastic part. The reason why I love this show… It’s my favorite show of all the shows that I’ve seen or done… because for me it’s a very transformative show and I love the music and I love the message. And so there’s something to it that kind of “gets me” and that’s why I want to be in it. It will be my third time if I’m cast.

Yes Your Teacher Get’s Self Doubts

I know the directors, and they know me at the theater, so I feel I have a good possibility of getting cast in the show in one of those two parts, but you never know. You don’t know who’s coming, you don’t know who else is going to be competing and you don’t know exactly what the…  You know, maybe I’m too old now or any number of different things.

There may be some really fantastic people who audition that beat me out. So anyway I just wanted to say I also go through these self-doubts and so forth. But what I am doing I is that I been singing every day, I’ve been practicing an hour a day for the last almost 30 days, which I don’t always do because I’m busy teaching and I don’t invest the time I should in my voice.

I’ve picked out a song that I think is going to work really well and so I’m hoping to get that call back and then be able to get in there and sing and perform and compete with the others that are going to be there for the callbacks.

I Considered Not Sharing This

So in case you wonder why I’ve kind of changed my appearance, I’ve starting looking kind of fuzzy and the other day my wife said to somebody, “I never know who I’m going to wake up next to”. Meaning, that because I do a lot of shows, and most of my shows involve characters, my appearance changes from show to show.

So who knows what I’m going to look like here in the next little while. But I’m growing my hair out because Man of LaMancha is cast in a prison and so I want to have that prison look when I go.

So I hope this is interesting to you. I may never ever publish this. Maybe I’ll be too embarrassed, or maybe I’ll share it with you. If I do share it I’ll definitely share the results of what happened, whether I get cast or not.

Please feel free to make any comments below!

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My personal singing journey from failure to success gives me a unique perspective and special insight into the problems you face as an aspiring singer. Everything from not being able to sing high notes to lack of confidence singing in front of others. Because I've solved them in my own voice, I know how to help you.


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