Audition for LaMancha Part 3

How soon before singing should you warm up your voice?

How soon before singing should you warm up your voice?  Inside this video you’ll get my tips to insure your voice is ready for the performance or audition.  Also get an inside look at the morning routine before and after the audition, including excerpts of my vocal warmups and audition song.

It’s about four minutes till nine, my audition’s in an hour, so I’d like to do some vocalizing.

So I’m going to spend 15-20 minutes or so warming up. I like to have my voice warmed up about 45 minutes to maybe at the latest 30 minutes before I sing, which seems to make a big difference for me. It just kind of gets me primed to sing so… Still working on all that water.

Exercises are bubble lips, oo’s on a down arpeggio, mah, mah, mah on a 1 ½ scale, and etc. A little shaky this morning.

The Curse of the Nervous Stomach!

I think I’m going to stop for now, go shower in very hot water so that I can get some steam on my vocal cords. I’ve got 45 minutes before the audition. (And I’ve got to go to the bathroom. Third time this morning. I always get a nervous stomach before I audition. It’s a curse.)

Well I usually, when I’m doing auditions,  don’t like wearing the glasses because I think they want to see your eyes. So I put on a contact so that…. now so that’s my contact. What you think? Do I look like my headshot? Who knows! I like to look like my headshot. I don’t like to think about headshots looking a lot different than you look. And I like to wear black for some reason when I do auditions.

I’ve been practicing with an orchestral karaoke track but it’s really a good idea to go through this with a piano player. Fortunately Judy, my wife, plays the piano so I’m going to go through this once and then we’re taking off.

(This song is an excerpt from Billy Bigelow’s “Soliloquy” from the Broadway show Carousel. Watch the video.)

Well that felt pretty good. I think I better go. Thank you. The piano wasn’t perfect but you know what? That’s very realistic. I like it that way so that way if the piano in the audition isn’t perfect I’m ready for it.

I think that I’ll be there at least 10 minutes early so that I can just sit down and relax, do some deep breathing. I’ve got about 3 inches of water left here before I’m finished with my half gallon before my audition.

So here’s the theater. It’s a beautiful facility, just a great place, really beautiful.

This is different… it’s on the main stage this time instead of down in the little room. This will be fun.

Lucky Number 13!

Well I’m all done and guess what number I was? Yes lucky number 13! Is that a sign or what? Anyway I think it went pretty well.

Whoops, I still have 2 inches of water that I didn’t drink. But I think I was pretty well hydrated this morning.

Well, audition over! I’ll know within… They said they would send out emails tomorrow, which is Sunday, regarding callbacks. So I’ll keep you updated.

Also just one other thing; I did fail to do one thing that I always tell my students, so there you go. I knew the accompanist, she’s a friend of mine, so when I saw her it was like, “great” you know, a theater hug and everything. So we were talking and I forgot to say here’s how fast… and she knew the music… And I forgot to tell her how fast to go. So I don’t think we were quite in sync. So there was a little imperfection.

Hi, here’s an update. It’s Sunday night at about five minutes till 10, callbacks were supposed to be sent out today sometime on email. They said they’d send callbacks on Sunday. And so far no email.

Monday Morning and No Call Back

Morning. It’s Monday morning. I stayed up until about 12:30 AM last night checking my emails and nothing ever came through. They said we were going to hear by Sunday or Sunday night and no call back yet. It’s quarter till seven on Monday morning.

Hey, I just got an email saying that I’ve been called back! I’ll be going back Wednesday at 6 o’clock for a callback for La Mancha. Excitement! Excitement!

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