Audition for LaMancha Part 4 The Call Back!

Have you ever gotten bad news just before the audition call back? News all of us will eventually have to face? Inside this video find out what inevitably awaits you!

Interesting and Disappointing News

Wow, I just got some interesting and disappointing news!

I saw on Facebook that one of my actor associates, who has got to be about the same age as I am, and who I thought would be one of my main competitors, was not called back for Don Quixote and told it was because they were going with a younger Don Quixote…that they were going to cast a younger… or in other words,  “you are too old for the part”.

I got a call back, but I indicated that I would be willing to be the governor/innkeeper as well. I guess I was just hoping that my callback was going to be for Quixote.

All right callbacks were very interesting. There were a lot of very talented people there and it was a good turnout. There were a large number of people at the callbacks. There were a lot of men, good singers and good actors. And so frankly it’s a rather intimidating experience. You start doubting yourself, and you start wondering if….”Wow that person’s really good” … And you start doing all these comparisons.

Age Verses Youth

As the evening wore on I felt as if what I was doing, what I was reading, and what I was singing was showing well, so I didn’t feel that I was losing ground. They kept me all the way down to the final 7-8 men that were there for Quixote, and also with the girls they were keeping for Aldonza.

I felt like I was at least in the running. Now the big question is will they go with youth or will they go with experience! The choice, I think, that the directors are going to have to make is between age and experience and some really good, talented performers who are younger. And you know what? I am okay with that. I realize in all reality that the time comes when the torch must be passed on to a younger generation.

Call Backs are for Comparisons

So let me give you a little insight into what callbacks are like. If you haven’t had a call back before or you’re wondering about it, it’s very much a comparison. You’ll get up and read the lines with the other actors, then they’ll switch it around and you’ll read and someone else will come in and do the exact reading that you just did. And then someone else comes and does the exact reading and so forth.

It’s a very much a side-by-side comparison and that’s what it is all evening long. You sing a song and then they sing the song and then the next person sings the song and the directors are weeding out the call back. So that they finally get to the point where they and (you start feeling it to), you start seeing, “Oh that person’s really showing well, and I really like what they’re doing,” or, “Oh golly I thought that person was doing pretty well, but that wasn’t very strong at all.”

Give Total Commitment to Your Call Back

So you start seeing it happen also and you just hope that you continue to produce, you continue to commit, and you continue to give everything you have. If you make that commitment and don’t hold back then you’ll go away feeling like you at least gave your very best.

So this evening I felt like I gave my very best. I didn’t feel like I made any huge mistakes. I committed to what I was doing.

On my audition form I preferred two roles, Quixote or the Governor/Innkeeper. I toyed with the idea of a just saying, “Oh what the heck I’ll just do anything”. But I decided to leave it at that and see what happens.

By the way, I saw some wonderful people there tonight that I’ve known through the years, that I’ve performed with, that have influenced me as actors, and actresses and as singers and theater people and it’s a wonderful community. I really love it. It’s just a delight to be there.

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