Final Audition Results and Casting for LaMancha Part 5 of 5

In every phase of the audition there are specific things you can control and some things you absolutely cannot control.  Inside this video, the final in a series of five, find out the results of my LaMancha audition journey and learn important things you can control in every audition situation.

Just when you think you’ve got the audition process all figured out they throw you a curve when they cast. Inside this video I’m going to tell you what happened!

Audition Casting Results

Hi I’m Chuck Gilmore was Sing Voice Studios. You maybe have been following my blog about my auditions for La Mancha. Yesterday I got a call asking me if I would play the role of the Duke, which is a great role in the show, Man of LaMancha.

I went to our first cast meeting this morning and after our first meeting we read through half the script, met all the cast, (it’s really a great group of people) and I went to talk to the director and she asked me, “How do you feel about playing the Duke and what about being the Innkeeper?”

And I said I would prefer the Innkeeper because he has a song, he sings, and he sings in the ensemble. And she said I miss your voice and so I’ll tell you right now you can do either role. Which ever you would prefer.

And I explained to her ever since I was a kid I’ve been listening to the music from Man of La Mancha and the Innkeeper has one of my favorite songs “Hail Knight Of The Woeful Countenance”.

So she was more than pleased to extend to me the opportunity to be the Governor/Innkeeper. I’m very excited about that because I love to sing! That’s what I do, I teach singing!

The thing about casting, there are often times little curve balls that come your way, and so you’ve got to be able to kind of swing with things like this that are unforeseen.

Do Everything You Can to Control Everything You Can

I’d like to summarize some things about auditions, including callbacks and casting that may help you. Do everything you can to control everything you can. In other words, I can’t control the vision or the perspective of my directors. In this case they wanted to cast a young Cervantes, who would transform into an older Don Quixote on stage. And so I can’t control the vision and perspective of the directors.

However here’s some things I can control.

1. I can be very prepared for the audition. I can have my audition song well chosen to fit the show and to fit my voice. I can control my attitude. I can control my relaxation. I can control my preparation…meaning I can download the forms that I have to have filled out, I can have my resume and my headshot prepared and ready to go, I can have a calendar of exceptions or other things that the theater may want.

Whatever the paperwork is I can have all of that done well before I get there so that when I walk into the audition I can just hand them the paperwork. I can sit down and do some deep breathing and some relaxation and be very prepared to perform the audition.

2. I can be well rehearsed. I can’t emphasize how important is to put the time in to your audition song preparation. So be doing your vocal exercises and get your song well memorized and rehearse it over and over again. Do it in front of the mirror, do it in front of a group of friends, anything you can do to polish this audition piece.

3. On callbacks you’ve got control your mental attitude. If you start comparing yourself unfavorably to everybody else then you’re going to start losing the edge on your performance that night.

I can control how much total commitment I give to each reading and to each song that I’m asked to perform in the call back. I can control how I treat other people. I can be kind, and generous, and complementary. I can control my mindset. I can be positive. I can choose to be enthusiastic. I can choose to be professional. And I think all of these things are a part of professionalism.

So these are the things you can control in an audition. This will add up to a very strong showing throughout the audition process.

Don’t Second Guess the Directors

Now here’s the other thing, I can stay out of the director’s way. I don’t have to try and second-guess them. I don’t have to try and figure out why they’re doing things and accept their decisions.

Now the other point I wanted to make is, it doesn’t always happen. All of our plans that we make don’t always come to pass. It’s not that you’re not great, that you couldn’t do the part, but you just don’t quite fit the vision of what the director has.

And there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. So I don’t want to spend any time on it. I don’t want to spend any time lamenting, or trying to figure it out, or getting bitter or upset. That’s just the way it is and that’s the way theater is, so…”another day, another show”.

I wish you all the success in all the auditions that will come to you. Thank you.

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