How much do singing lessons cost in the Salt Lake City, Utah area?

How much do voice lessons cost in the Salt Lake City, Utah area?

Here are my current rates for voice lessons and comparisons with teachers in the Salt Lake City, Utah area as of March 24, 2014.

Cost of Singing Lessons

Sing Voice Studios in Bountiful, Utah (10 minutes North of downtown Salt Lake City)

Chuck Gilmore’s private voice lessons: $45.00 per 30 minutes.  If you come four times a month the voice lessons are $40.00 per 30-minute lesson.

Children’s Group Voice lessons for ages 3-11 are $75.00 per month for four 50 minutes lessons.  SingKids group class is held on Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

Family discounts are offered.  The first student is the regular price; subsequent family members receive a 10% discount.

Lessons are also available via SKYPE.



Cost of voice lessons compared to other voice teachers in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

This is not an exhaustive list nor is it in any particular order. I was able to find prices for thirteen teachers from either their websites or online directories.  Where possible I’ve included corresponding links.

Finley School of Fine Musical Arts (Salt Lake City)

Kids 18 and under voice lessons: $20-25.00 per 30 minutes.  Adults 18+:$25-30 per 30 min.


The Performer Studio-Kait Kingston (Salt Lake City)

$45-50.00 per professional hour or 50 minutes



Emily Merrell Vocal Studios (Salt Lake City)

$22.5-30.00 per 30 minutes



Gallatin Music (Salt Lake City)

$25.00 per 30 minutes



Voice by Katie Vocals (Salt Lake City)

-Ages 6 to 8 — $20 (30 mins.)
-Ages 9 to 12 — $25 (45 mins.)
-Ages 13+ — $30 (60 mins.)


Carrie Mercer (Salt Lake City)

$15.00 per 30 minutes


 Dean Kaelin (Salt Lake City)

 $78-88.00 per 30 minutes


Linda Tomkinson- Sing with Linda Artist Hub (Salt Lake City)


$50.00-65.00 per 30 minutes

Mindy Pack-Impact Productions (Salt Lake City)

$25-65.00 per 30 minutes


Laurie Vandegrift-Laurie’s Voice Studio (West Bountiful)

$35.00 for 40 minutes


Eric Richards-Vocal Stages (Salt Lake City)

$55.00 for 30 minutes


Mann Music (Clearfield, UT, 30 minutes North of Salt Lake City)

$20.00 per 30 minutes


Cost of Singing Lessons Summary

From Clearfield, Utah north to the south part of Salt Lake Valley,  the prices range from as little as $15 per 30 minutes to as much as $88.00 per 30 minutes.

I think this is a fair representation of the high and low prices ranges for voice lessons in the Greater Salt Lake City area.

Excluded from the analysis are prices of teachers at the Colleges and Universities.  It’s my opinion that they will fall within the price ranges indicated.

All prices and links sited were found published online as of March 24, 2014.  It is likely that the links as well as the prices will change over time.

About Chuck R. Gilmore

My personal singing journey from failure to success gives me a unique perspective and special insight into the problems you face as an aspiring singer. Everything from not being able to sing high notes to lack of confidence singing in front of others. Because I've solved them in my own voice, I know how to help you.


  1. Our daughter is wanting to sing more and more. I don’t know if I am jumping the gun buy putting her in singing lessons. She has taken 4 years of piano and knows her notes. I am all about convenience and would like singing lessons some what close. We live in Sandy Utah and I have searched the web a ton for voice lessons. I have asked our piano teacher for voice lesson referrals and received two. However I showed up at the home today with three dogs and half the lesson was talking to the dogs. I am back to the search. Please give me any input possible. Nyla Miller

    • Hi Nyla: Thanks for your comment. My wife and I have 8 children. When they were growing up and showed a strong interest and aptitude for something, we really tried to support and encourage them. I doubt you are jumping the gun putting her in singing lessons. And how will you know until you try? Regarding voice lessons in homes, teachers have to make special effort to prevent distractions like pets and kids in order to provide the best experience for their students. There are teachers like me, who have invested in a space away from home which provides a more focused experience for their students. It may be more expensive…but likely worth the investment. Take a minute and read through my blog article titled “Top Voice Lessons in Salt Lake and Davis County Area.” I have a great deal of confidence in any of the 7 teachers listed there. (I think Eric Richards may be closest to your area.) Some will be more expensive than others but I can virtually guarantee they will not waste your money. Depending on your daughter’s dedication it will likely be a great investment. I’d be happy to discuss this with you personally if you have more questions or concerns. My studio number is 801 298 7464.

  2. thanks a lot for this useful information. My daughter who is interested in singing might be taking singing classes as we live near the Utah area.

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