Final Audition Results and Casting for LaMancha Part 5 of 5

In every phase of the audition there are specific things you can control and some things you absolutely cannot control. Inside this video, the final in a series of five, find out the results of my LaMancha audition journey and learn important things you can control in every audition situation.

Audition for LaMancha Part 4 The Call Back!

Have you ever gotten bad news just before the audition call back? News all of us will eventually have to face? Inside this video find out what inevitably awaits you!

Audition for LaMancha Part 3

How soon before singing should you warm up your voice? Inside this video you’ll get my tips to insure your voice is ready for the performance or audition. Also get an inside look at the morning routine before and after the audition, including excerpts of my vocal warmups and audition song.

Audition for LaMancha Part 2

Audition for LaMancha Part 2 is an inside look at the morning of the audition! The bedroom scene is rated G!

How to Choose a Song for a Musical Theater Audition

Do you know how to pick the best song for a musical theater audition? The kind of song is going to get you a call back and eventually win you the part? Inside this video I'm going to tell you how to do it!

Audition Preparation: De-Stress with Four Steps

For a singer auditions are like death and taxes. You can’t get around them. If you want to perform you will inevitably face auditions. This blog will cover audition preparation often overlooked especially by newbies. Specifically, music theater audition forms, resumes, head shots, and sheet music notebook. Actors who do these things have better auditions!

Audition Book Recommendation

“Audition” by Michael Shurtleff I had a director recommend this book to me.  He said that even though it’s about auditions, it was a great book on acting too.  He was right.  This is a must read for anyone interested in being on stage.  To wet your appetite, here is an excerpt about singing in […]

Auditions: Got a Call Back! Now What?

Reality check:  You will be lined up side by side with people seeking the same part. You will sing and they will sing. You will read for the part and they will read for the part. You may learn some choreography and then dance either alone or with others. There will be comparison after comparison.  […]