Audition for LaMancha Part 3

How soon before singing should you warm up your voice? Inside this video you’ll get my tips to insure your voice is ready for the performance or audition. Also get an inside look at the morning routine before and after the audition, including excerpts of my vocal warmups and audition song.

Becoming a Great Singer in 10,000 Hours or Less

For 10 years I worked closely with the prominent neurosurgeon Dr. Howard Reichman. From him I learned a great deal about hard work, long hours and developing expertise. He told me once about the 10,000 hour rule to becoming world class. Forget 10,000 hours! Inside this blog, find out how you can shorten your journey to great singing.

Auditions: Got a Call Back! Now What?

Reality check:  You will be lined up side by side with people seeking the same part. You will sing and they will sing. You will read for the part and they will read for the part. You may learn some choreography and then dance either alone or with others. There will be comparison after comparison.  […]