How to Choose a Song for a Musical Theater Audition

Do you know how to pick the best song for a musical theater audition? The kind of song is going to get you a call back and eventually win you the part? Inside this video I'm going to tell you how to do it!

What are Bridges in the Voice?

A potential tragedy exists for every singer and it has to do with bridges. Not the kind of bridge we drive over, but the bridges in the voice. What I’m about the tell you regarding vocal bridges will have a life changing impact upon you with regard to your voice. Are you ready?

How to Sing Higher

How can I learn to sing higher? This is the number one question I’m asked and so I’m creating a video to show you how to begin to sing higher. This is the beginning of exciting things for you if you desire to learn to sing higher.

Why I Train Singers-My Journey from Failure to Success as a Singer

To fully understand why I train singers, it all has to do with my journey from failure to success as a singer. Do we share a similar journey? Read and watch to find out!

Audition Preparation: De-Stress with Four Steps

For a singer auditions are like death and taxes. You can’t get around them. If you want to perform you will inevitably face auditions. This blog will cover audition preparation often overlooked especially by newbies. Specifically, music theater audition forms, resumes, head shots, and sheet music notebook. Actors who do these things have better auditions!

Becoming a Great Singer in 10,000 Hours or Less

For 10 years I worked closely with the prominent neurosurgeon Dr. Howard Reichman. From him I learned a great deal about hard work, long hours and developing expertise. He told me once about the 10,000 hour rule to becoming world class. Forget 10,000 hours! Inside this blog, find out how you can shorten your journey to great singing.

Sing. For a Better Life!

How much time do you devote to having a better life? Maybe you need to adjust your priorities? Here’s what a bio-engineering PhD candidate did!

A Voice Lesson with Half of the Dozen!

I very much enjoyed a fun session with half the children of a family of 12. Great kids with a lot of talent. Here’s their blog account of the lesson.  Note: Our Photographer was 6 years old!                       

Audition Book Recommendation

“Audition” by Michael Shurtleff I had a director recommend this book to me.  He said that even though it’s about auditions, it was a great book on acting too.  He was right.  This is a must read for anyone interested in being on stage.  To wet your appetite, here is an excerpt about singing in […]

Auditions: Got a Call Back! Now What?

Reality check:  You will be lined up side by side with people seeking the same part. You will sing and they will sing. You will read for the part and they will read for the part. You may learn some choreography and then dance either alone or with others. There will be comparison after comparison.  […]