What qualifications do you have to teach me singing lessons?

Here is the short answer. Degrees do not Qualify you to Teach Singing Lessons I studied two years with a teacher who had her Masters Degree in vocal performance and had her own album. I studied at the university with a man who had his masters degree in vocal performance. I had a vocal group […]

What are Bridges in the Voice?

A potential tragedy exists for every singer and it has to do with bridges. Not the kind of bridge we drive over, but the bridges in the voice. What I’m about the tell you regarding vocal bridges will have a life changing impact upon you with regard to your voice. Are you ready?

How to Sing Higher

How can I learn to sing higher? This is the number one question I’m asked and so I’m creating a video to show you how to begin to sing higher. This is the beginning of exciting things for you if you desire to learn to sing higher.

Audition Book Recommendation

“Audition” by Michael Shurtleff I had a director recommend this book to me.  He said that even though it’s about auditions, it was a great book on acting too.  He was right.  This is a must read for anyone interested in being on stage.  To wet your appetite, here is an excerpt about singing in […]

Why do you want to Sing?

Here’s why I love to sing…especially on stage in musical theater.   Actually, I don’t really know all the reasons.  There’s something I feel when I sing that’s both motivating and terrifying.  It’s intimate yet impersonal.  It’s fun but hard. My Primary Motivation in Life is Intimacy I read a book years ago that gave me […]